Let’s face it… there are endless options for stationery and invitation suppliers out there. But are we all created equally? I’m sorry to say, but we are not! Here are our 6 top tips on choosing your designer and getting what you want the first time!

1. Is the style of design you’re after something they can create?
This I would say is the most important step toward choosing the right designer. If they are not creating designs that are to your taste or style, don’t expect them to be able to create it all of a sudden just because you’re paying them good money. This would relate more to a custom design, but if you’re choosing a design from an existing collection then there should be no problems as you can see it all there to start with.

2. Are you working directly with the designer or an online store churning out a template?
From my perspective if you’re working directly with the designer you will end up with a better result. There are lots of big online stores with hundreds of designs ready to go, they simply input your wording and churn it out. Often with not much care on typography or simply offering suggestions on how to make your stationery work better for you.

3. What will you end up with?
You may love something you have spotted on a blog or in a mag but beware of cheap printing processes. There are many beautiful designers out there but I believe that the design and finished product are as important as each other. Going for the cheapest price is not recommended, it’s your wedding and it will really be worth spending a little more to get quality.

4. Additional changes.
Always ask if there are a certain amount of changes included once your designer sends you a proof of your stationery. There are always going to be changes so you want to be aware of how much this costs. I made a decision long ago not to charge for additional changes, it makes the whole process simpler.

5. Are they available to contact?
It’s so important to get your invitations right, so it’s equally as important to make sure you can be in contact with your designer when needed. Can you pick up the phone and speak to them or get a response to an email promptly. If your first enquiry with a designer takes many days to hear back then firstly follow it up but it could be a sign of how things will roll.

6. Your budget.
Always ask if they can work with you to a particular budget. You may contact a designer and initially get a quote which is too high. I know that when I am speaking to any new enquiries that I always ask them to let me know if they are working to a particular budget as we are always more than happy to adjust elements and suggest options to keep costs down.

From my end I think your stationery is up there in the top 2 or 3 items that makes or breaks your big day! With these helpful tips I hope you are armed with some helpful information to safeguard you from any horror stories.

And of course… we would love to hear from you in the Off On My Bicycle studio for any of your invitation or stationery needs. A prompt response to your enquiries is a top priority of mine! Have a look at our current 2016 Collection here and get in touch via our Contact page.

All the best… Leisha x