Due to the nature of stationery and printing we cannot provide a price list for every option available. Costs are based on quantity and will also depend on other items you may print at the same time. We offer package discounts for multiple items. Email us or use our QUICK QUOTE form. We are SUPER FAST to reply! No really, we are... it's refreshing!

Collection / Custom Design

Collection Design
Check out our gorgeous ready to order Wedding Invitation Collection here! Simply choose the items you want and we'll sort the rest out. We offer FREE COLOUR CHANGES within our collections.

Custom Design
Our custom design fee is $300 and covers the design for your whole wedding stationery set. On top of this you have printing and this will depend on the style you go for.

Print Styles

We offer a range of printing options for wedding invitations and any event. We would love to discuss your requirements and put together a personalised quotation to suit your needs. Our prompt and detailed response is something you will appreciate when organising your big day. We’d love to hear from you via our Quick Quote page.

Please note: Options below are shown in ascending price order. Standard / Digital is most affordable and the most expensive option is Letterpress.

Standard / Digital
Colour / black printing on what most would see as an oversized copier. Although we use a far fancier piece of printery magic called a press! The ink sits flat on the paper.

White ink
This is so gorgeous, we print white ink directly onto a dark card. Simplicity at it’s best! If you're choosing our White Ink Wedding Invitations this is printed on a 300gsm stock of your choice.

Foil stamping is the application of metallic or pigmented foil onto card by application of a heated die. We often print foil with digital print. If you’re choosing our Foil Wedding Invitation Range this is printed on a 300gsm smooth stock.

This is an antique printing method whereby ink is sharply pressed into a thick card. Most suited to text and line work designs. If you’re choosing our Letterpress Wedding Invitation Range this is printed on a thick 600gsm cotton stock.

Yummy Sample Packs
We tailor our sample packs to suit your tastes. So tell us what you like and we will do our best to send you samples of styles that you like. It’s a fabulous way to check out the quality of our product! Our sample packs are $20 including postage to anywhere in Australia and if you choose to order with us this is deducted from your final payment. Order your Yummy Sample Packs here.